Interview with Poughkeepsie Store Manager, Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin, Store Manager of Adams Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie was recently interviewed by the Millbrook Independent.


Interviewer: “Are all of the stores exactly alike?”
Mark: “No, they each have their own personalities and grow to meet the needs of their communities. However, the quality and concepts are the same.”

Interviewer: “So it is still a family business?”
Mark: “Very much so. Ralph at 89 still comes in to inspect the truckloads of produce that arrive—often at 5 a.m. But the family feel comes not only from the Adamses themselves, but from many of the workers, who are the sons and daughters of former employees or the brothers, sisters and cousins of some of our staff. So there is a real family atmosphere of people working together to make it a nice experience for everyone.”

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