2012 Leadership Dutchess Graduates

Congratulations to Greg White, Adams Assistant Controller and Mike Deciutiis, Adams IT Manager on completion of the 2012 Leadership Dutchess program. Also noteworthy, their class raised $30,000 toward non-profit scholarships for next’s years class, 4 local non-profits that they worked with this year, and rebuilding America projects.

The Leadership Dutchess Program is funded through the Chamber Foundation. It is a nine month program that offers local professionals the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. The development of strong leaders is essential for making positive, long term changes in our communities and in the world of business. Expert instructors provide participants with new innovative concepts and ideas to strengthen their leadership abilities. Participants engage in field discussions, interactive exercises, community service and networking. The 2012 Leadership Dutchess Class is made up of non-profit and for-profit business members from around the Dutchess County area. All participants share the same goal of giving back to their community and maintaining a strong, thriving Dutchess County.