Sweet Marjoram Folklore & Uses

The ancient Greeks believed that Venus (Aphrodite), the goddess of love, created the plants and gave sweet marjoram their wonderful sweet flavor and scent. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans would weave sweet marjoram into garlands that brides and grooms would wear on their heads to symbolize love, honor and happiness. This practice was still common in the United Kingdom during the Middle Ages.

According to ancient folklore, sleeping with a bit of marjoram tucked under your pillow was supposed to promote dreams of true love (your future spouse).

Marjoram was used as a strewing herb on the floors to sweeten the air as it was walked upon. In 17th century England, sweet marjoram was an ingredient of snuff. It was also used a preservative for beer and to give it an aromatic flavor.

Today sweet marjoram is considered a culinary herb. Use it to flavor tomato-based dishes, and as an accent for vegetable dishes. Sweet Marjoram pairs well with eggs and cheese and adds a savory flavor when added to cream based soups. The flowering tops are a pretty addition to herbal vinegar.

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