Oregano Folklore & History

The name Oregano comes from the Greek meaning “joy of the mountains,” mainly due to the abundance of the plant that grows naturally all over the mountains with it’s many purple flowers.

Ancient Greeks believed that if oregano was growing on a grave, the deceased was happy in the afterlife. Also placing it on a loved ones grave would help bring him joy in the afterlife.

Crowns of oregano were worn by couples on their wedding day to ensure their future joy.

Oregano grown near or in one’s home was said to protect it from evil.

Oregano has also been linked to love. In Ancient Greece it is said that when taken as a potion, Aphrodite would come to you in your dreams and reveal your future husband’s identity.

Oregano placed under pillows when sleeping was thought to induce psychic dreams.

The essential oil of oregano mixed with olive oil was used to increase hair growth on bald men by rubbing it on their head.

Chinese as well as many other cultures used the herb to alleviate itchy dry skin such as eczema.

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