Harvesting, Storing and Using Sage


Harvest sage as you need it. Cut the entire stem or just pinch a leaf at a time.


Sage’s flavor is best when fresh, but it can be stored frozen or dried. Dry by leaving the branches in the sun or by hanging bunches of stems upside-down. How to Dry Herbs. Strip the dry leaves from the stems and store in an airtight container, away from sunlight.

Keeping the flowers on the stems will cultivate pretty pods that work well in dried arrangements.

Using Sage:

Sage can be used in traditional poultry and stuffing dinners, rubbed on meats before grilling, or in egg and cheese dishes. Sage accents fruit-based vinegar. Use dried sage sparingly; too much yields a musty flavor. Sage blossoms can be tossed onto salads for a splash of color and blended into butter or soft cheeses for spicy spread, or freeze them in ice cubes to add to summer beverages.

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