Harvesting Drying & Storing Dill


The leaves of a Dill plant can be harvested whenever you need them.
Keep in mind: Leaf production will stop when flowering.

Dill seeds can be collected after they have turned brown or ripened. To collect the seeds, cut off the flower stems and bunch them together. Tie a paper bag around the bunch and allow the stem to dry further. The bag must be placed in a warm, dry, airy space. After the stem has dried completely some of the seeds will have fallen off into the bag. Just shake the stem into the bag to collect the remaining seeds.

See How to Dry Herbs.

Dill can be easily frozen in ice cube trays. Chop the dill up and place in ice cube trays with a little bit of water. When the cubes are frozen then can then be placed in a freezer safe container or zip lock bags and used when needed.

Store your dried dill and seeds in airtight containers in a dark cool place.

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