Harvesting & Drying Rosemary

Drying Rosemary:

  • Cut healthy branches and remove any that are dried out.
  • If necessary, rinse with water and dry thoroughly. Wet herbs will mold and rot
  • Remove the bottom leaves along the bottom inch of the stem
  • Bundle 4 to 6 branches together, using string or a rubber band. The herb will shrink as it dries, so check periodically to make sure the branches are not slipping out of the bundle.
  • Punch several holes in a paper bag labeled “Rosemary” and place the herb bundle upside down in the bag. Gather the ends of the bag around the bundle and tie closed, making sure the herbs are not crowded. Putting the herbs in bag will help keep out dust.
  • Hang the bag in a dark, well ventilated room.
  • Check in about two weeks to see how the drying is progressing, and then weekly, until the rosemary is completely dried.
  • Store your rosemary in an airtight container (canning jars work well) in a dark place.
  • Check periodically and discard any that show signs of mold.


Using a Food Dehydrator: Follow label directions.

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