Growing & Harvesting Basil

Small Basil Plants

  • Plant In Full Sun – At Least 4 Hours
  • Basil Can be Planted in Containers Or the Garden – Use a 5 gallon container to grow basil with other herbs like parsley, thyme and oregano. Make sure that the container has drainage holes.
  • Fertilize with Plant Food Regularly – Plants, like people, need to eat!
  • Water – Don’t let your basil dry out. Not sure when to water? Use the finger test – if the soil is wet, don’t water; if dry, water. Always water thoroughly – water until the dirt is completely wet.


Cut basil by taking off the tops of the stems about a third of the way down, to an intersection of new leaves.You are not only picking basil, but also encouraging the plant to bush out with new growth and more basil to pick! Prune regularly to discourage the plant from producing flowers. Wash basil and dry by layering the leaves between paper towels and applying a gentle dabbing pressure until the leaves are almost dry.

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