Growing Dill

Plant Dill in the spring after the last frost in a sunny site with rich well drained soil, 12-15 inches apart. You can also replant for a fall crop two months prior to the first winter frost. The first frost will kill the Dill. Dill can reseed.

Dill can up to be about 36” tall. Due to it’s height it may need to be staked or supported from winds. Also you do not want to plant you dill anywhere you think that it might block sunlight from other plants.

Dill grows best when sown directly in the ground about ¼ deep.

Water your dill regularly, more often when there is a dry spell.

Dill attracts the parsley worm caterpillar which is the larva for the black swallowtail butterfly. So we encourage to plant enough dill for you and the caterpillars to eat!!

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