Drying and Storing Lavender

Drying Lavender

Air Drying is Best

  • Remove the lower leaves along the bottom inch
    or so of the branch.
  • Bundle 4-6 branches together and tie into a bunch using string or a rubber band. Leave about 3/4″ between each stem to allow for air circulation.
  • Hang upside down (flowers facing downward).
  • The bundles will shrink as they dry, so check periodically to make sure that the flowers do not
    slip out.
  • To keep the lavender dust-free, punch or cut several holes in a paper bag and place the bundle upside down in the bag; tie the bag closed and then hang.
  • Hang the bunches in a warm, dark, dry and well ventilated area (direct sunlight will cause the flowers to fade and will cause essential oils to evaporate).
  • Check weekly until the lavender is dried and ready
    to store.


Storing Lavender

  • Store in airtight containers (zip locking bags, small canning jars).
  • Label and date your containers (dried herbs are best used within a year; as they lose their color, they also lose their flavor).
  • Herbs retain more flavor if the leaves are stored whole. Crush the leaves when you are ready to use them.
  • Discard any leaves that show any sign of mold.
  • Place containers in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, preferably in a cabinet or drawer.
  • Herbs left on a kitchen counter can be covered with a paper bag to keep out light.
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