Adams Pallet Garden – Step by Step



  • Shipping Pallet
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Plywood cut to size of Pallet
  • Potting Mix
  • Plants
  • Nails or Screws
  • Staple Gun


  1. Pick out a pallet in clean, good condition
  2. Place the pallet so the side with the widest opening is facing up. This will be the backside.
  3. Lay out the landscape fabric to cover the back and bottom, then cut to size
  4. Pull tightly and secure with nails or staple gun
  5. Add the plywood over the landscape fabric an secure with nails or screws
  6. Now turn the pallet over and fill with good quality potting mix like Pro Mix which you can find in our garden center.

*Note: You should not use garden soil, it is too heavy and will not drain well. Garden soil is designed for garden beds and potting mix is for container gardening which helps with drainage.

  1. Tilt the pallet up nearly vertical and allow the potting mix to settle, then continue to add the potting mix until the pallet is full.
  2. Next add the plants. Position the plants so their root balls are securely placed between the slats and tuck them in firmly. Once you have all the plants placed you can add additional potting mix if needed.

When it comes to how and where you choose to mount your pallet, make sure to consider the weight of a fully planted pallet after watering and choose the appropriate hardware and location that can support it.

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