Solving Kids Cancer Update – Above and Beyond

Screenshot 2013-10-17 13.23.13The month of September was an incredible month for the fund raising effort held at Adams Fairacre Farms and spearheaded by Jennifer Noll and Alethea Ramirez.

After raising over $20,000, Jennifer and Alethea have been interviewed and reported on throughout the Hudson Valley! What an incredible effort they have made. Thanks so much to our customers who donated their hard-earned money to help the incredible work that Solving Kids Cancer continues to do! Everyone at Adams really appreciates your efforts!


“It was after listening to Swift sing about Ronan that Noll and Ramirez began following blogs about the boy which led them to an organization called Solving Kid’s Cancer and eventually to their extraordinary fundraising effort. Last month, during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the women launched their campaign with the help of their employer, Adams Fairacre Farms. Ramirez and Noll said their decision to approach their bosses at Adams was an easy one. “Adams has always been known for its commitment and support of the community and they were immediately supportive of our efforts,” said Noll. Adams established donation locations at the checkout lanes at all four of its locations. The effort was so successful that $11,675 was raised in the first week at Adams.”