Health & Fitness Clinic at Adams Wappinger

On Friday, July 19 our Wappinger store held a Health & Fitness Clinic inside and out complete with local health and fitness gurus.


If you didn’t get a chance to visit with them of Friday, please check out their information below.

Laerdal Medical – CPR Awareness

Do you know four out of five cardiac arrests happen within the home –that means the life you can save with CPR will most likely be a loved one. Click here for more.

Ken Stabler – Ropestone Fitness

“‘Stand for something or fall for anything’ is one of the lessons all TFW familia becomes accustomed with. When you become a student of the TFW system you learn that fitness isn’t just about beating you up in the gym. Anyone can do that. TFW utilizes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific strength & conditioning protocols to fit your needs.”

Hudson Valley Community Acupuncture

“At Hudson Valley Community Acupuncture, we aim to make acupuncture accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of their income level. We want to empower you with the tools to take care of your own health and wellness.”

Alyson Chugerman – Attain True Health

“My passion for food and its impact on the human body has taken me down a path that has enriched my life, my family and the lives of countless others. It wasn’t always easy so laughter is a big part of the process. If we can find the joy in healthy eating, mindful daily rituals and practicing gratitude, then we can lead a balanced and fulfilled life.”

Dr. Eric Ashburn – Ashburn Family Chiropractic

Ashburn Family Chiropractic Center is a family-centered office on a mission to serve, teach, and inspire our community to reach their full health potential. This is achieved through the application of specific spinal correction, cutting-edge nutrition, advanced detoxification, and fitness.

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Wappinger Health & Fitness Clinic