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2016 Lawn and Garden Show

Each year our stores come alive with the colors of spring for our Annual Lawn & Garden Shows, designed and built by our very own Adams Landscaping. Their crew built four unique, spectacular displays of flowering trees and plants, water features, and tributes to special Hudson Valley monuments. This year, our Poughkeepsie store featured a handmade replica of the Mid-Hudson Bridge:Mid Hudson Bridge at Garden Show

There were also ponds and waterfalls at each store. Here, our tropical reflection pond offers a bit of serenity amidst the colorful surroundings:
Tropical Pond at Garden Show

We were excited to feature our Bridal and Food Shows within the Garden Shows. Local vendors and Adams own departments featured and sampled their products and services.
Wedding Centerpiece at Bridal Show

Cake made by Adams Bakery

Ranunculus at the Bridal Show

The Poughkeepsie Journal wrote a feature on this year’s Poughkeepsie Garden Show, complete with more photos and video. Read the article here. 

Sign up to be an Organ Donor. Look what it can do!

Pat Adams

Excerpts taken from the Poughkeepsie Journal.

“Patrick Adams didn’t smoke. He didn’t have a history of heart disease, and he enjoyed playing basketball three times a week. He was a healthy man. His heart was fine.

“And then suddenly, it wasn’t.

“Abruptly diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia and cardiomyopathy four years ago, the 55-year-old’s heart began beating 200 beats per minute. Still, he wasn’t worried about dying.

“He was in denial, he said.

“Until he found out he needed a heart transplant to live.”

“‘In the four years since the transplant, I am back working full-time in the family business, I watched my son graduate from high school, I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary, I went to (the) Grand Canyon and I’m playing basketball again,’ Adams said. ‘Without Jason’s generosity, none of this would have been possible.'”

“The stories of Adams and Ruffing inspired some observers of the Organ Donor Enrollment Day declaration to become registered organ donors early, including 58-year-old City of Poughkeepsie resident Derritt Roberts.”

Donor Awareness Key to Saving Lives


Excerpts taken from the Poughkeepsie Journal.

“‘On any given day, 10,500 New Yorkers are on the national list waiting to receive a life-saving transplant,’ said Aisha M. Tator, executive director of New York Alliance for Donation Inc. in Troy, which serves all of New York state.”

“April is National Donate Life Month, which was started by Donate Life America. According to the group’s statistics, more than 24,000 patients began new lives in 2014 thanks to organ transplants (about 65 every day).”

“‘Patrick was healthy and very active, didn’t smoke, drink or do drugs,’ Barb Adams said. ‘He had none of the risk factors for any health issues.'”

“But within a month, something went terribly wrong. Patrick’s heart was beating up to 240 times per minute. He was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia, a rapid heartbeat that starts in the lower chambers of the heart (ventricles).”

“‘The doctors thought it was a virus that settled in his heart,’ Adams said. ‘It can happen to anyone.'”

View the full article here.

Good Reasons in the Poughkeepsie Journal

Good ReasonsPoJoWe’re so glad to be able to work with the incredible Good Reasons Dog Treats!

The Poughkeepsie Journal recently did a great write up about them.

“She wanted to find ways to employ people with developmental disabilities. But instead of seeking out available opportunities, she created a company to employ both disabled and fully abled people together. Called Good Reasons, the business is staffed with people that have autism and other developmental disabilities plus those without a disability in the production of all-natural dog treats from its Poughkeepsie and Brewster, Putnam County, locations.”

“‘We love the fact that Good Reasons provides job opportunities for people with all abilities,” [Tracy] Hegeman said by email. “The locally made dog treats make it a perfect fit in all four of our locations here at Adams Fairacre Farms. We take great pride in having a company like Good Reasons doing good for the community available here on our shelves.”‘

To read the full article, click here.

Adams Fairacre Farms Sniffs Out Good Reasons™ Dog Treats

20141008-good reasons 3Local retailers take on new product in support of job opportunities for disabled

From GoodReasons.com

“Delicious and drool-worthy dog treats are one of the newest items to hit the shelves at Adams Fairacre Farms. Good Reasons™ is a social enterprise of Westchester-based provider of social services Community Based Services, Inc. (CBS). The not-for-profit dog treat company does more than just sell dog treats. Their mission is to create delicious and healthy dog treats while providing opportunity and employment for people with autism and other disabilities.”

“’We want to thank Adams for putting us on their shelves, and really, on the map in this area. They’re helping us grow our customer base and aiding in our mission to provide more jobs to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities state wide. We love partnering with organizations who share a similar sense of social responsibility,’” said Vicki Sylvester, founder and CEO of Good Reasons™.

Read the full press release by clicking here.

Also check out the Poughkeepsie Journal for a news highlight in the Good Life: Positive achievements for Oct. 21 section.

20141008-good reasons