Donation to SKC Made!


Today we were thrilled to hand over the donation of over $20,000 to Solving Kids’ Cancer foundation!

Solving Kids’ Cancer thanks you for your donation and adds the following update:

“100% of the funds you have raised, over $20,000, will be used to support our GD2-CAR T cell trial, a new phase I clinical trial at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Cancer Center. The trial will enroll its first patients this month and uses a novel approach, harnessing the power of a child’s own immune cells to identify, attack, and kill cancer cells while leaving the surrounding healthy cells untouched.” Click here to continue reading SKC’s letter.

We are also pleased to announce two more opportunities to be able to give to SKC:

We hope to see you there!

Solving Kids Cancer Update – Above and Beyond

Screenshot 2013-10-17 13.23.13The month of September was an incredible month for the fund raising effort held at Adams Fairacre Farms and spearheaded by Jennifer Noll and Alethea Ramirez.

After raising over $20,000, Jennifer and Alethea have been interviewed and reported on throughout the Hudson Valley! What an incredible effort they have made. Thanks so much to our customers who donated their hard-earned money to help the incredible work that Solving Kids Cancer continues to do! Everyone at Adams really appreciates your efforts!


“It was after listening to Swift sing about Ronan that Noll and Ramirez began following blogs about the boy which led them to an organization called Solving Kid’s Cancer and eventually to their extraordinary fundraising effort. Last month, during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the women launched their campaign with the help of their employer, Adams Fairacre Farms. Ramirez and Noll said their decision to approach their bosses at Adams was an easy one. “Adams has always been known for its commitment and support of the community and they were immediately supportive of our efforts,” said Noll. Adams established donation locations at the checkout lanes at all four of its locations. The effort was so successful that $11,675 was raised in the first week at Adams.”

Solving Kids’ Cancer

This September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, two young mothers, Jennifer Noll and Alethea Ramirez, and their employer Adams Fairacre Farms, are rolling up their sleeves to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer research.

Throughout the month, Adams Fairacre Farms will be collecting donations at checkout lanes at all four of its locations in the region to fund a clinical trial to bring more effective and less toxic treatment options to kids with difficult to treat cancers. Adams Fairacre Farms hopes to raise $10,000 for Solving Kids’ Cancer, a New York City-based nonprofit dedicated to improving survival for the deadliest childhood cancers, including neuroblastoma, brain tumors and sarcomas.

One hundred percent of all public donations made to Solving Kids’ Cancer directly fund the development of novel treatments for children battling cancer today. “Survival has remain unchanged at less than 50 percent for these childhood cancers,” said Scott Kennedy, the Co-founder and Executive Director at Solving Kids’ Cancer. “Only through clinical research can we offer these kids an expanded menu of treatment options and the chance that every kid deserves–the chance to grow up.”

During the first two weeks of September, each Adams Fairacre Farms store will kick off the month-long fundraising campaign with a unique event.

The New York State Bridge Authority is also getting involved to honor victims and survivors of pediatric cancer. On September 3rd and September 15th-28th the Mid-Hudson Bridge will be lit in gold.

Dutchess County Fair – 2013

We had another huge year at the Dutchess County Fair. From landscaping & floral displays to food demonstrations and new flower varieties, we were well represented the entire week!

Dutchess County Fair 2013

The Adams Landscaping display was awesome, featuring the 4 seasons of the Hudson valley.
Home is where you live and love, make and share memories and experience life all year long. No matter the season, your home and landscape reflect this, with Nature stepping in to do her part. In the Hudson Valley a pristine, sparkling blanket of snow gives way to a quilt of spring flowers, a bountiful summer garden, a rich tapestry of autumn leaves. Each season in our unique valley has its beauty, purpose and promises to fulfill. Celebrate this diversity and make the most of your
surroundings – winter, spring, summer and fall.

The Adams Floral display was awe inspiring. Seasons of Hope was made in honor of cancer survivors and victims. Throughout the fair, the post-it notes grew beyond the capacity of the boards and were soon spilling over to the display itself. Annmarie Plass also participated in an intriguing flower arrangement seminar.DCFair2013_0015

Mark Adams Greenhouses featured some of the new flower varieties of 2014 and saw a huge response in the amount of the entries they received. Here are the winners:

  1. Sunpatiens Spreading Salmon
  2. Petunia Sophistica Lime Bicolor
  3. Angelonia Angelwood Blue

5 Adams department managers shared their recipes and explained their craft to many fair goers.

  • On Tuesday, Debbie Decker talked about local cheese.
  • On Wednesday, Sean Lacey broke down a local pig.
  • On Thursday, Mike Paesano and Phil Jacovino squared off on meatball recipes. And Joe Longendyke made a superb Summer Lobster and Shrimp Spring Roll.
  • On Friday, Gary Mahon finished things off with a discussion of local produce.


Please enjoy more photos below.

Health & Fitness Clinic at Adams Wappinger

On Friday, July 19 our Wappinger store held a Health & Fitness Clinic inside and out complete with local health and fitness gurus.


If you didn’t get a chance to visit with them of Friday, please check out their information below.

Laerdal Medical – CPR Awareness

Do you know four out of five cardiac arrests happen within the home –that means the life you can save with CPR will most likely be a loved one. Click here for more.

Ken Stabler – Ropestone Fitness

“‘Stand for something or fall for anything’ is one of the lessons all TFW familia becomes accustomed with. When you become a student of the TFW system you learn that fitness isn’t just about beating you up in the gym. Anyone can do that. TFW utilizes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific strength & conditioning protocols to fit your needs.”

Hudson Valley Community Acupuncture

“At Hudson Valley Community Acupuncture, we aim to make acupuncture accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of their income level. We want to empower you with the tools to take care of your own health and wellness.”

Alyson Chugerman – Attain True Health

“My passion for food and its impact on the human body has taken me down a path that has enriched my life, my family and the lives of countless others. It wasn’t always easy so laughter is a big part of the process. If we can find the joy in healthy eating, mindful daily rituals and practicing gratitude, then we can lead a balanced and fulfilled life.”

Dr. Eric Ashburn – Ashburn Family Chiropractic

Ashburn Family Chiropractic Center is a family-centered office on a mission to serve, teach, and inspire our community to reach their full health potential. This is achieved through the application of specific spinal correction, cutting-edge nutrition, advanced detoxification, and fitness.

Tune in each Sunday from 8-9 pm at 94.3 / 97.3 / 97.7 Fm