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Dutchess County Fair 2016 Highlights

What a great week we’ve had at the 2016 Dutchess County Fair! Adams had another strong showing throughout the fair, with Adams Landscaping, Sue Adams and our Poughkeepsie Flower Shop winning awards for their plants and displays. Check out a few of the highlights:

2017 New Variety Display 2016 DC Fair copy


Thanks to all who visited our displays and voted for 2017’s best new plant varieties!

2016 Lawn and Garden Show

Each year our stores come alive with the colors of spring for our Annual Lawn & Garden Shows, designed and built by our very own Adams Landscaping. Their crew built four unique, spectacular displays of flowering trees and plants, water features, and tributes to special Hudson Valley monuments. This year, our Poughkeepsie store featured a handmade replica of the Mid-Hudson Bridge:Mid Hudson Bridge at Garden Show

There were also ponds and waterfalls at each store. Here, our tropical reflection pond offers a bit of serenity amidst the colorful surroundings:
Tropical Pond at Garden Show

We were excited to feature our Bridal and Food Shows within the Garden Shows. Local vendors and Adams own departments featured and sampled their products and services.
Wedding Centerpiece at Bridal Show

Cake made by Adams Bakery

Ranunculus at the Bridal Show

The Poughkeepsie Journal wrote a feature on this year’s Poughkeepsie Garden Show, complete with more photos and video. Read the article here. 

Local Artist Sylvia Houston featured in Newburgh Store

Adams is thrilled to feature local artist Sylvia Houston’s watercolor paintings in our Newburgh store for the month of February. As part of our collaboration with the United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region, 50% of sales from this exhibit will benefit the artist and the other 50% will go directly toward UWDOR.

Sylvia Grossman watercolor painting

watercolor painting by Sylvia Houston

Sylvia Houston began watercolor painting after her retirement from the Newburgh City School District in 2010. She started with Len DiVirgilio’s painting classes at the Desmond Campus of Mount St. Mary’s College, where she continues to learn about this magical medium. She has traveled around the country to study watercolor techniques with artists such as Sterling Edwards, Karlyn Holman, Tony Couch, and Luke Buck, among others. Her subjects often reflect the beauty of nature which surrounds us here in the Hudson Valley and the bounty of her garden.

The Big Game Appetizers

By, Bob DeWitt, Newburgh Meat Manager

The NY Giants were in the Super Bowl in 2008 against the New England Patriots, who had gone undefeated up until that game. My wife Elisa is a paint-your-face-red-and-blue Giants fan, so we decided to have a few people over to watch the game. To make the party really special we went out and bought a 42” flat screen TV, a huge purchase for us. Then we got a whole bunch of frozen appetizers and we were set for the Big Game. And what a game it was! With just over two minutes to play the Giants marched down the field and scored a touchdown to complete the upset. The TV was the hit of the party. The food wasn’t. Had the Giants lost, the party would have been almost a complete failure, although we still have the TV. But I’ll never forget how disappointed I was with the food.


The Giants aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, but the Patriots are. If you’re planning to have a party, chances are the Meat Department isn’t necessarily on your list of places to get your food. Well I’d like to help you learn from my mistake! There are so many outstanding choices of fresh and oven ready items that will really make your Super Bowl party stand out from any you’ve ever experienced. Pork Tenderloins stuffed with our Apple Raisin stuffing, or just seasoned with our salt-free Garlic and Parsley seasoning is an easy way to upgrade your table. A half an hour to forty five minutes in the oven and they’re ready to slice and platter. Everyone loves our Adams Meatballs, and we make them from Turkey or Chicken as well. Bake them in the oven or make a crock pot full of them and some of your guests might just miss the big plays! And those of you who love our Gourmet Beef Burgers, you’ll absolutely go wild for their little cousins, our Gourmet Beef Sliders, also hand formed and loaded with flavors that will Knock you out like a full on linebacker blitz. In our Fresh Meat case you’ll find what you need for the best Pulled Pork or Fall-Off-the-Bone Baby Back Ribs as well as Coarse Ground Beef that makes the best Chili! We’ll even put a chili pepper in the package! If you want to make this Super Bowl special, even if the Giants aren’t in it, and you want your friends to remember the food and not the new TV, come on in and let’s do this together! We’ll huddle up with all the other Food Departments and run the play that’ll put you in the end zone like that sweet 13 yard pass from Eli to Burress. And when it’s all over and the confetti is all cleaned up, we’ll dream of next year when it could be the Giants versus the Jets!

On Saturday, January 24th, Sean Lacy will conduct a Seminar at 1:00 “The Big Game Appetizers”. Sean will show you how you can make his award winning Chicken Wings, as well as several other appetizers that will make you shine like the Lombardi Trophy. We look forward to seeing you there, and once again, Thank You for shopping at Adams.

Let’s Get Ready to Roast

By, Bob DeWitt, Newburgh Meat Manager


Who doesn’t love the warmth and aroma of a kitchen with a beautifully prepared roast in the oven? During the cold winter months there’s nothing like a roast beef to satisfy an appetite built on the fight to keep warm. Or a pork roast, roasted chicken, or lamb roast! In our Meat Departments there are many varieties and abundant choices of cuts of meat that would go great in the oven. Naturally we don’t want to neglect the other methods of preparing and cooking our main course for dinner, such as braising or slow cooking, but for now…Let’s get ready to Roast!

In my house we have a simple basic, approach to Roast dinners. For very special occasions we’ll modify that approach, maybe do a Rib Roast instead of an Eye Round, or a bone in Rack of Pork instead of a boneless Pork Loin, but the fundamentals of roasting are still pretty much the same. And of course the sides you serve with your main course can also bring a great deal of variety. But I’ll stick to the simple.

For beef, my kids love the Eye Round Roast, and it never fails to please. I usually roast one big enough to get two meals and a couple of Roast Beef sandwiches to boot! For a special occasion if we have friends over for a casual meal, I’ll roast a couple of Tri Tips to serve something I know will be awesome and most likely they’ve never heard of. A boneless Center Cut Pork Loin roast, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and parsley, is an easy meal to prepared, especially if you roast the potatoes in the same pan, and they absorb some of the flavorful juices. An Oven Roast Chicken, one that’s between five and seven pounds is always a good choice because everyone can get what they want; dark meat, white meat, wings, it’s all there. The leftovers from that meal give the kids some protein to snack on when they get home from school. I also like to roast a Boneless Turkey Breast (with the skin, of course). It’s like having a mini Thanksgiving meal without the huge bird. And the leftovers make a killer Turkey Parmesan meal a few nights later. If I want to impress my mother and father-in-law, I’ll make a Boneless Lamb Leg Roast which is challenging because you don’t want to overcook lamb, you want it to have some redness in the middle so it has that great flavor. However my brother-in-law just loves Rack of Lamb, and for me that is a little easier to prepare. There’s two weeks of protein variety right there, with room for a couple of nights of Seafood and a night of Pizza! A well rounded and healthy approach to your dinner menu planning. And your kitchen will warm your house and the aromas will create memories that will stay with you long after the cold months are gone.

Come to my Seminar at our Newburgh store on January 18th at 1:00 p.m. and I’ll discuss how to prepare these and other roasts. Hope to see you there…and Thank You for shopping at Adams!