Adams Garden Show 2014

Each year Adams Landscaping brings the tantalization of Spring to each of our stores. This year was a spectacular year with awesome views of tulips, bushes, trees, flowers and incredible displays designed and installed by our Adams Landscaping team.

“This winter has been a brutal one for us in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains and it only looks to continue. Sub-zero cold, snow and wind is forecast for this weekend into next week. Cheer Up! The spring this weather robs us of moved inside to Adams Fairacre Farms…” -From the


Check out these awesome stats:

  • 8,300 Flowers
  • 4,900 Potted Plants
  • 15,580 Bulbs
  • 260 Trees
  • 1,000 cubic yards of Mulch
  • 4,000 Man Hours

2014 Garden Show Construction